A quick update about the state of Artpic

In May 2019, we published a timeline (see here: of our future progress. Now it's over one year since the idea behind Artpic came to our minds for the first time. And based on the timeline, we should have started programming our platform by this time. 7 months have passed since May, yet we aren't any closer to launching our platform. What did we do in those 7 months? Nothing that was mentioned in the timeline. Nothing. But don't get me wrong, that doesn't mean that we abandoned this project. We strongly believe in an idea behind Artpic. We will successfully launch it. The only question is: when.

I need to put things simply and clarify some facts. We are only a couple of people ''working'' on this project. Yet none of us has any programming skills, nor money to hire the programmers. We only have an idea. We need money to create this platform. A lot of money. In our timeline, we explained that we wanted to create a crowdfunding campaign. But crowdfunding is best suited for startups that try to bring some physical product to a market. It is much more difficult for a software startup to successfully raise enough funds through crowdfunding. It is not impossible but requires a tremendous amount of work to make 100'000 people visit our page, subscribe to a newsletter, follow all our social media channels and completely fall in love with our project so that they will give us 5$ when we announce a crowdfunding campaign. Imagine yourself trying to achieve this goal (well if you're a multi-millionaire, it wouldn't be such big of a problem)

As I said, we need experienced people and money. There are a few options for us on how to make Artpic a real thing. Either we will continue trying to do raise awareness and crowdfund our project (which based on our prior progress would take infinitely long), or earn enough money ourselves (which would also take a lot of time, in best case year or two), or find angel investors and get funded through venture capital (which would be an easy way out, but we would lose control over company). Another option, closely related to VC is to use startup accelerators (for example Y Combinator). Currently, this last option sounds most interesting to me. It would provide the necessary funding, but also, what is more important - experienced people. Yeah, this way we will probably lose control over the company after some time. But it would give us much-needed experience and valuable connections with people.

So, what are our current plans? We will be thinking about our options and will be considering what is the best way to launch Artpic. We will also throw in some Christmas Amazon gift cards giveaway to keep our small community happy (over 100 people who subscribed to our newsletters, and thousands on social media). As soon as there is something new and exciting to tell, we will post an update. Goodbye for now.