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What is Artpic?

We are a startup which aims to create a social network with a marketplace, all centered around art - professional paintings as well as hobby drawings. Some features will be comparable to the ones of established services like DeviantArt, Instagram or Pinterest, but our platform will focus primarily on art and be packed with lots of amazing, never seen before features!

What stage is currently Artpic at?

The Artpic platform is not yet in development due to lack of funding. The first stage is to secure funding.

How do we want to raise funds?

Firstly, we will be doing a crowdfunding campaign. If 5,000 people pledged on average 20$, we would have enough money to buy a very nice car for the CEO. Just kidding :D We would have enough money to cover the initial development costs. Even though we are open to any possibility like venture capital, we see it as last resort.

How much money do we need to get Artpic up and running?

We estimate that initial costs range from 20,000$ to 200,000$, based on how many features we want Artpic to be initially released with. We will start with a simple photo-sharing platform and be adding more and more features as we grow. And the costs also depend on the way we want to develop Artpic (freelancers, a developer company, own employees).

Who is in charge of Artpic?

Currently, we are only a small team located in Germany and Slovakia. Want to join us? We will be happy to hear from you but keep in mind, that we don't have anything financial to offer yet, apart from a vision of potential rewards in the future. The best help we can get is when you share info about us. Tell your friends and family, write a post on Facebook or any other network or website.

How do we plan to make money from Artpic?

Artpic is full of potential. There are plenty of ways to make money out of an online platform, just look at Facebook. Even though we won't have such a big user base, we will be able to monetize our platform not only by showing our users relevant ads: for example, paid advanced features, or taking a small commission on every transaction made are just some of the options. And there will be a lot of transactions! We don't want to disclose everything, but keep in mind - Artpic is full of potential. The art industry is only yet to be brought online. We are not worried about monetization possibilities and see it as a necessary means to run and improve Artpic, however, we will always put our users and their needs first.

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