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Our Mission

Have you ever wondered why some artworks of dubious aesthetic value are being sold for exorbitant prices? And some other artists making amazing stuff never really become that famous? Talent and hard work are important. But we believe as much is about good connections and good luck in being spotted by an influential gallerist who does the good marketing. We believe just too many artworks remain unseen by the people who would love them. Potential admirers and buyers just don’t know that such artworks and artists exist. This can be especially true for disadvantaged artists or artists in developing countries who have difficulty accessing the global market.

We want to create a platform where you, as an artist, are seen by the people who love precisely the type of work you are doing. Irrespective of your artistic background (like formal education or success elsewhere), if people like your work you can become popular. This is what should matter. We understand that as an artist, one can learn and evolve over time. Our aim is to support you in this process and help you to share your amazing art with the world. Becoming a famous artist requires a great deal of work. We can’t change that but we can help to make this process more efficient and enjoyable.

Our mission is to make art more democratic without compromising the quality. We want to offer tools to every artist to unleash their potential and reach out to their audience efficiently. Public appreciation, not a gallerist’s personal choice, should determine the success. However, for the public, the relevance and quality is what matters. In short, we want that every artist can find their audience, and at the same time, everyone looking for art can find exactly what they are looking for and like most. We know that it's not easy to combine these requirements but this goal fascinates us.


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