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We want to create a social network centered around art. Paintings, drawings, artistic photos or digital art, all in one place. Showcase your portfolio, build your fanbase, or just scroll through thousands of pictures you like. Comment on your friends' latest creations or find a piece of quality art for your collection - see instantly what matters to you.



Too often it's hard to live as an artist. But we are here to help you. Imagine you can not only show your beautiful art but also sell it efficiently! The potential buyer will be able to find the art he is looking for in a matter of seconds. Artists will be able to sell original paintings, prints of them, artistic photography, or even digital art.



 Have had enough of aesthetic pleasure? Or can't wait until your favorite artist uploads a new artwork? He can't create a piece of art every day just to keep his community busy. That's why we will integrate a wide range of various art-themed minigames and other entertainment features so that users won't get bored while waiting for the next masterpiece.


Advanced features

You can look forward to some hi-tech features at later stages of our project. AI, so that the users will see only the art they absolutely love. Blockchain, so that you can track down the history of a painting to be sure it’s authentic. Machine learning, so that as an artist you will get access to huge amounts of data which will help you grow.


And that's not everything! There are more things we haven't talked about yet. Subscribe, and we will tell you even more in the future!

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