Social Network

We want to create a social network centered around art. Paintings, drawings, artistic photos or digital art - all in one place. Showcase your portfolio, build your fanbase, or just scroll through thousands of pictures you like. Comment on your friends' latest creations or find a piece of quality art for your collection - see instantly what matters to you.


Create a profile

Create your own profile. You can stay anonymous, or provide as many details as you like. Fill in information about your artistic expertise or just share what inspires you at the moment.



Upload your art. No matter if it's something you drew into your school notebook while you were bored, a professional oil painting you've been working on for many months, an artistic photo, or even some beautiful artwork you made in Photoshop. You can even upload videos relating to your art, for example, a time-lapse video showing how a painting was made. You will find many ways to make your content unique and reach out to your audience.


Unleash your creativity

You’ve never held a brush in your hand before? No problem. Start to explore your creativity with our tips, step-by-step tutorials, and editors. You will find plenty of inspiration. Let's see how many friends will like your first picture...



Like, comment and share other posts. Follow other artists and your friends. Chat with your friends over a private chat. Or share your thoughts with a wider audience and your followers in a status update.



If you are the type of an art aficionado who only admires the works of others, be it quality art of professionals or unexpected finds among amateurs’ creations, you will have plenty to discover. We envisage a huge amount of artworks of any style, type or motive. You'll be able to find things appealing to your personal aesthetic feelings. Whether you are looking for a landscape of the Atlantic Ocean with the Statue of Liberty or digital pictures of your favorite character from a computer game - our goal is that you can find it instantly. To achieve this we will work with detailed categories, filters, hashtags, and later with AI technologies.


Too often it's hard to live as an artist. But we are here to help you. Imagine you can not only show your beautiful art but also sell it efficiently! The potential buyer will be able to find the art he is looking for in a matter of seconds. Artists will be able to sell original paintings, prints of them, artistic photography, or even digital art.



Upload a photo of a painting you want to sell, add some information about it, set a price, shipping options, post it, wait until someone orders it and then ship it. You'll be able to sell everything! Whether it's a grandma`s old painting lying somewhere in your attic, or you are an artist and want to sell your masterpieces - everything is possible. If you find it inconvenient to care about the transaction and the shipping, you can sell prints of your painting. In fact, prints with a price recommendation and a click-of-a-button sale option will be our focus from the very beginning. As easy and convenient as possible and no need to part with your original. Just upload the picture and we will take care of the prints reaching the buyer. Or you can sell thousands of copies of your digital art and art photographs. 



Are you looking for a piece to decorate your living room or a gift for your friend? Or just a new addition to your collection, let's say, of impressionist flower bouquets in red? But you only have a budget of 500$, 50$, or even less? Whatever you are looking for, you won’t have to look any further. Our aim is to collect a huge database of for-sale-artworks where you can find anything for any price, in countless categories and sections. There will, of course, be high-end categories as well. But our aim is to ensure that there are plenty of paintings and prints starting at very low prices. So that you can let your collection grow or renew the paintings in your house regularly. Buy the piece you love and if it becomes boring – sell it – we will make the resell process as easy as possible.


Auctions & specials

While making prospective artists famous and helping them to succeed on the marketplace we want to think out of the box. We are planning features like cost-free exhibiting of an artwork at some publicly accessible place (like a bank or a cafeteria) for some time to increase its publicity. Or different types of auctions and investment opportunities for the buyers, including NFTs, shared investments in high-worth masterpieces, as well as finding an artist for a custom work you want to order.   


The World

We will be doing our best to support artists across the globe, especially in developing countries. We would like every artist, regardless of their origin, country of residence, nationality, religion, gender, or background to have equal chances to present their work and to access the market. We believe that minority artists can make a unique contribution and enrich art with their styles, motives, and colors. Sending an original oil painting overseas can be quite costly. Even though some buyers will still opt for it, we want to make prints and digital formats a good alternative available to many more buyers.


 Have had enough of aesthetic pleasure? Or can't wait until your favorite artist uploads a new artwork? He can't create a piece of art every day just to keep his community busy. That's why we will integrate a wide range of various art-themed minigames and other entertainment features so that users won't get bored while waiting for the next masterpiece.



 We'll offer literally hundreds of art-themed minigames for you to play. For example, find any picture you like and then play a puzzle minigame with it. Or you'll be shown a painting with some place depicted in it - and your objective is to guess where this place is. And that's only an example, we got loads to make!



 Look forward to competitions with your friends or other users! Imagine you'll be shown a few recently uploaded paintings of various artists, and your goal is to rate them guessing which will be the most popular with other participants. As an artist, you can take part in these competitions and if your picture wins you can expect a massive boost in your popularity.



There will be many quizzes and knowledge games, too. We'll offer a big database of famous paintings of the past to play games with them. Do you think you are well-versed in art history? Want to learn to recognize the paintings of famous artists of the past before discovering the stars of the future? Pass levels from easy to difficult and compare your results with friends. That way, your knowledge will grow rapidly!



Perhaps the best game we are planning to introduce will consist of rating a set of pictures or indicating if you like them or not. Based on your results we will tell you more about your aesthetic taste and perhaps some personal traits. And if you want, we will show you some other people with exact same taste as you, so that you can chat with them and maybe ask out for a date :)

Advanced features

You can look forward to some hi-tech features at later stages of our project. AI, so that the users will see only the art they absolutely love. Blockchain, so that you can track down the history of a painting to be sure it’s authentic. Machine learning, so that as an artist you will get access to huge amounts of data which will help you grow.


Artificial intelligence

The most ambitious of our plans is to create such a powerful artificial intelligence that it'll be able to recognize what’s in the picture, the meaning behind it and every single detail about it. The more pictures you'll like, the better the AI will know your preferences. And our goal is to show you only those pictures that you absolutely love. The artworks that will touch your soul. We see the key of the advanced features in matching every artwork with a person who specifically likes that type of art. It won't be easy but with time we believe we will be able to deliver you the content tailored to your very specific and personal aesthetic preferences. But don't worry, if you don't like the idea of someone knowing your taste you will still be able to scroll through endless categories and hashtags and use helpful filters to manually find what you are looking for.



One of the biggest problems is security. Buying some costly, allegedly unique painting online comes with a risk that you buy just a copy and the very same “unique” original hangs in your neighbor’s bedroom. We want to solve this problem by integrating a blockchain technology, which means that you will be able to track down the origins of a painting and the info about the past transactions with it. We may even integrate an in-platform cryptocurrency as the main and secure way of payment.



Of course, advanced features can't work without huge amounts of data. We believe the artists are the ones who can make most use of them. That's why we will integrate various tools providing you with data necessary to fuel your growth. As an artist, you'll be able to see where the most buyers come from, which motives are trending, which colors are on the most popular paintings, and much more. Like uploading an unfinished painting to get advice what to add and what could be a good way to proceed with it.   


Other specials

We will also integrate some other smaller, but useful features, like projecting a chosen artwork at the wall you will point your smartphone camera at. Or trying out different frames for a picture, or a marketplace for some cool art tools.

And that's not everything! There are more things we haven't talked about yet. Subscribe, and we will tell you even more in the future!

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