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Our project has several stages. As you have seen in the section “Features” we want to create a lot. We will begin with development of the basic functions of the marketplace and the social network. Later, we will add some more challenging and specific features. Finally, we will proceed with the advanced features like the AI. Our plan is to build Artpic gradually. However, even as we launch Artpic for the first time, we want to offer as many amazing features as possible. That's why we will soon start a campaign on Indiegogo.

Let's look at how it'll work:


As soon as we launch our campaign on Indiegogo (or even now – see below) you'll be able to support us. We'll offer many amazing perks. But most importantly - you'll get all your money back in some form of your choice! Yeah, that's right! By supporting us, you'll help to create an amazing industry-changing platform and basically, it won't cost you a penny. You will receive back every single cent you'll decide to support us with in either of these forms:


1. A discount coupon in the full value of your pledge, to buy a painting or a piece of graphic art of your choice.

2. Any other benefit of your choice, like shipping for a sold artwork, or a discount code to buy some art tools (See below for more details). Whatever you choose the point is - you will get all your money back.


After we get successfully funded we'll start working hard to bring this project to life. The more money we receive, the faster and better the platform will be from the very beginning. We'll stay in touch with all our backers.


After we launch Artpic we'll offer you a benefit of your choosing, either a discount coupon or an equivalent in some other form. As you become more familiar with Artpic you will know exactly how you want to get your money back:


1. A discount coupon is the option you will always have. For example, if you back us with 5$, we will give you a 5$ coupon - that means that you'll get a 5$ discount to buy whatever art piece you want. If you back us with 1000$ you will be able to spend all this money on paintings and other art! Or you can gift that discount coupon to your loved one.


2. As an artist you may claim a discount code to buy art tools. Or you may want to choose the shipping benefit - we will pay the shipping for your sold art piece. For example, if you back us with 200$ and the shipping of your artworks costs 20$ we can pay for the shipping of ten of them. You know, the buyer will always be happy about the free shipping. Or you may choose a different starting boost for your art career on Artpic. 


Of course, besides the money-back-perk we will offer all the usual perks like early access, VIP support and other. (You will find more details on this in our Indiegogo campaign). Please keep in mind that we won't be able to give the benefits to all the backers at once. Rather, it will be a gradual process with some users having this opportunity a little bit sooner than others.

Don't want to wait? Be among the first to support us! Get exclusive benefits in return.

You can support us right now, even before our official Indiegogo campaign. Conditions are the same as in our Indiegogo campaign - you will get all the perks as if you pledged during an official Indiegogo campaign. If you decide to support us before the official Indiegogo campaign launch, we guarantee that we will give you a discount coupon (or an equivalent in some other form of your choice) sooner than to anybody else! And you may even receive additional benefits that no one else will.

You can securely donate through PayPal:

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