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Transparency is the key

Updated: Jun 4, 2019

Welcome on our blog page and specifically in the very first entry of it. From now on, we will post regularly. So what kind of content will you find here in the future?

We will tell you more about us and our plans here. Whoever you are - our supporter or just someone curious - here you can get to know Artpic in some greater detail, and in a more personal way. We believe transparency is very important. So we want to keep our backers and observers up to date with our progress and we will share every important step we make. In our next posts, we will try to familiarize you with our short-term and long-term plans.

We also think of this blog as a way to make a more personal connection with our supporters, so we will share our thoughts and our passion for art here. For example, in a series of articles we are preparing we would like to introduce several artists of various styles, career paths, ages, and nationalities. We are asking them similar questions: what inspires them, how they create, the problems they encounter, but also some personal questions. Every artist is as unique as their artworks are. We want to celebrate this variety by introducing artists in a very individual way.

So stay tuned for more and see you soon here!



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