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An art platform the world has always needed. 

An early access
version released:

Be among the first artists to establish your presence and show your work on the platform.

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Meet artpic

Imagine a platform like Instagram, which would be solely focused on art, and you could buy & sell things right there. And it would have tons of amazing features you would fall in love with! We are a startup aiming to create such a platform.

Let's look at how Artpic

will change the art industry:

Social Network

Scroll through millions of paintings, drawings, photos and digital art pieces. Like, share, comment or upload your own!

Imagine you could buy a painting for 10$! What if it becomes boring to you? Sell it for 1000$! 



Play hundreds of art games! Giveaways, competitions, quizzes.

But be careful, don't get addicted!

Advanced artificial intelligence will learn what you like, and show you only things you absolutely love!

Advanced Features

Become a part of something big!

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Anita Bartos, 57

“For me, the art therapy is a way to connect with yourself, your emotions and your feelings, using your creativity. Every single person is born as a talented artist, painting on their blank canvas.”

“I am glad that the Artpic project is mainly focused on promoting individual art and creativity, and not only on commercialization of the already established artists like most of the contemporary art platforms."

Where lies the difference between a masterpiece sold for millions and a good but ordinary painting? What makes a successful artist? Talent and hard work, or good luck to be spotted by the right people? It's often difficult to determine the quality and value in art. We believe the best way would be the public choice! What if art became more democratic? That's our goal!

Can you guess the price? One of these paintings was bought for 2,600$ and the other one for 1,450,000$. Which is which?

Click here to play a full quiz

Click here to play a full quiz


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